Advertisement 1790

To be let on Thursday the 16th of September 1790 for seven years and entered upon at Candlemas next a farm at Little Corby in the Parish of Hayton County of Cumberland, belonging to Walter Irving of Hallfoot, on conditions as follows, viz.:-

The farmer shall be bound to load one Hundred Bushels of lime every year at the farmers expence duing the said Term, or if neglected shall pay Two shillings and sixpence per Bushell as rent for every Bushel short, likewise the farmer shall be bound to keep the Hedges and gates in as good repeare as he finds them in, the famer shall lead and lay Down such materials as shall be wanted for repairs of the Houses. Then Walter Irving the landlord shall put them in Tenantable repair, and the farmer shall be bound to keep them and leave them in the same, the farmer shall be bound to Consume all the Hay Straw or lether (?) of any kind upon the Primises, and what manure is made the last year, shall be left to the use of the landlord, likewise the farmer the last year shall lay down with proper fallow eight Acres and the same to be sowed with white Clover, at the farmers expence Whosoever is farmer must find good Security for the rent the Said farmer is to pay all dues and Duties that comes against the said farm and the Bodes (Bids?) to be given in Writing the Rent to be paid Half yearly in two Equal payments the first payment to be at Candlemas the Next at Lamas Hallowing (following?) but the last year of the Term it is all to be due at Michlemis before the expiration of the Lease.