Graham Letter #1 1824

To: Isabella Graham, Grocer, Scotby

c/o Mr.Bowman, Pack Horse, Carlisle, Cumberland

Liverpool, 26th May 1824

My dear Mother,

I arrived safe in Liverpool on the 18th inst and I now take up my pen to write. You will no doubt be surprised at my seeming neglect in not but I can assure you I have felt great uneasiness on your Account. It was my intention to write on Saturday but owing to some neglect on the part of the Owner of the Vessel we are going to sail in the course of a few hours. The vessel is lying in the River Mercy about ten miles down the River which the Captain is going in a boat with us as the Ship has some cargo in there.

I have seen all the Cumberland Young Men that I knew. The first Young Man was Philip Thompson that I knew. I have been with young Gentleman Liverpool that has accompanied me to all the principal places in Liverpool. Dear Mother previous to my leaving Cumberland I had not any idea that there were such places as have seen. The New Market quite astonished me you cannot form an Idea of its extent unless you saw it. The shipping has also quite surprised me as there are Hundreds of Vessels laying here and some of them are upwards of 1000 tonnes Burthen. I assure you they would astonish the natives of Scotby and was it not for the many pretty girls Cumberland can produce I should feel ashamed of the County I was born in. I have seen the young Gent that has been at St.Croix and he gives me a very flattering account of the place so I am in good spirits. I was over in Cheshire with Mr.Sarginson and it is very pretty place. We all went in a steam packet which was very pleasant and spent a very pleasant day. Ben Wilson is not coming as the letter I sent him had been intercepted and he was not aware that we were going soon. Had letter from him this morning he is very much troubled and says he will follow us as soon as he has an opportunity. I have purchased a watch and 4 gold seals bu think I will dispose of some of them so I am quite the Buck. I have also purchased a bed and bedding as the Ship finds nothing of that kind. I have bought a great many things that I did not think of and which I could not do without.

Remember to Mr.Harding and brother and May and Thomas Sewell and Joseph Mr.Pitt and tell him that Benjamin Wilson is coming in a short time and Mr.Scarrow’s family and also Mrs. Steel and her fair daugher Miss Steel etc. make Mr.Bond Mr.Dobinson’s family and all enquirer. Give my kind love to my brothers and little Mary & accept the same yourself and I am happy to say I am going in good spirits and expect to have it in my power to make you and my brothers recompense for all. Pardons I would have said more but we are just going off

So believe me to be your affectionate son James Graham