Little Corby 1790

This indenture made the nineteenth day of November in the Thirty First Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith and so forth, and the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety. Between Walter Irwin of Hall Foot in the parish of Kirklinton and County of Cumberland in the first part, and Mary, Thomas and William Harding of Hillhead, Joseph Tayler of Gill-bank and Thomas Waugh of Walton Miln, all in the parish of Walton and County of Cumberland of the second part Witnesseth that the Said Walter Irwin for and in Consideration of the Rents Covenants and agreements herein after mentioned reserved and contained on the part and behalf of the said Walter Irwin to be paid done and performed Hath Granted demised and Leased Set and to Farm Letten, and by these presents do, demise Lease and to Farm Let unto the said Mary, Thomas and William Harding, Joseph Taylor and Thomas Waugh, all those several pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Lands lying and situate at Little Corby in the Parish of Hayton and County of Cumberland known by their several names viz. Carbog Close, Near and Far Hartons, Blenkinsop’s Close, Stonedyke Close, Toft Close and Mill-riggs together with the several enclosers of Common and Waste Ground belonging in any wise to the said demised Primisses together with one Dwelling House, one Byer, One Stable, two Barns and one Garth or Garden. With all and singular the Appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold all and Singular the said demised Primisses, with and their and every of their Appurtenances unto the said Mary, Thomas and William Harding Joseph Taylor and Thomas Waugh, their Executors, Administrators and Assigns from Candlemas next ensuing the date hereof, for and during the Full end and Term of Seven Years from thence next ensuing, and fully to be Compleat Yielding and Paying therefore Yearly and every Year during the said Term unto the said Walter Irwin, his Heirs, Executors or Assigns, the Yearly Rent or Sum of Sixty three pounds Sterling good and Lawful Money of Great Britain, at or upon these two Feast Days; to wit Candlemas and Lammas in equal portions; the first payment to be made and performed at or upon the Second Day of February One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety two, and the Second payment to be made at or upon the Second Day of August next ensuing, by even and equal portions, only the last Year of the said Term all the said Rents and arrears of Rents shall be paid done and performed at the Feast of St.Michiel next before the Expiration of the said Term together with all Rates Taxes Cesses Suits and Services, that shall or may hereafter be Rated Taxed or Assessed upon the aforesaid granted Primisses during the said Term. And also it is Covenanted and agreed by these presents, that the said Farmers at their own proper cost and Charges shall and will Yearly and every Year during the said Term, fetch or lead, and lay upon the said Demised Primisses one Hundred Bushels of Lime, and every Bushel wanting or short of the said Quantity to pay as an Additional Rent two Shillings and sixpence per Bushel to the said Landlord. And also the said Farmers during the said Term herein before granted shall lead and lay upon the said Primisses Such Materiels as shall be necessary for the Repairs of the said Houses the said Landlord to put the same in Sufficient repair; the Farmers to leave them in the same Condition at the Expiration of the said Lease; Also the said Farmers are here by these presents to Eat, Spend, all the Hay, Straw and all such Fodder upon the said Primisses, and to keep at their own proper Cost and Charges during the said Term, well and Sufficiently in repair, amend, Fence and keep all the Houses, Dykes, Hedges, Ditches and Water-courses and Gates appertaining to the same in good and Husbandlike manner; leaving the same at the Expiration of the Lease, (Wood and Walls Excepted). And lastly it is Covenanted and agreed that the said Farmers shall and will lay down with proper Fallow Eight Acres the last Year of the said Lease the same to be sowed with White Clover Seed at the Expence of the said Farmers; as also all the Manure or Dung made and lying upon the said Primisses at the Expiration of the said Terms to be left upon the said Primisses, for the Sole use and Property of the said Landlord. And that the said Mary, Thomas and William Harding, Joseph Taylor and Thomas Waugh, paying the Rents and performing all and Singular the above Covenants Conditions and agreements before mentioned in and by these presents, Comprised, reserved and contained on his part and behalf, to be paid done performed and kept, shall and Lawfully peaceably and Quietly have, hold, occupy, possess and enjoy those pieces or Parcels of Ground herein before Granted and Demised, together with all and Singular the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, for and during the said Term of Seven Years herein before granted without the Lawful Let, Suit, Trouble, Molestation, Eviction, Expulsion, or Interruption of or by him the Said Walter Irwin, his Heirs, Executors, Administrators or Assigns, or of, or by any Person or Persons whomsoever Lawfully Claiming, or to Claim from, or under him, and well and Sufficiently saved harmless and kept Indemnified of and from the Rentals and Covenants reserved and contained in the Original Indenture of Lease under which the Said Mary, Thomas, and William Harding, Joseph Taylor and Thomas Waugh holde the said Demised Primisses for a longer Term than is hereby Letten. In Witness whereof we have jointly and Severally Set our Hands and Seals the Day and Date above written.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us, being first duly Stamped.

Walter Irwin

Witnesses Lachlan Murray (signed)

Thomas Bulmer (signed)

Note: Lachlan Murray deserted from the Scots army defeated at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, remaining in Irthington, where he later became the village schoolmaster and Parish Clerk. [Source: Cumbria FHS, "What Happened in Great Grandmama's Time"]