Marriage Settlement 1723

Noverint universi per presentes nos Walterum Graham & Davidem Graham de Riggfoot in parochia de Kirklinton & Comitatu Cumbriae Tenerj & firmiter obligari Margretae Reed & Johanni Reed de Little Corby in Comitatu predict. in Centrum Libris bonae & legalis monetae Magna Britanniae Solvende. eisdem Margretae Reed & Johanni Reed vel suis Certis Attornalis Executoribus Administratoribus vel assignatis suis ad quam quidem Solutionem bene & fideliter faciend. Obligamus nos & utriusque nostrum per le pro toto & in Solido Heredos, Executores & Administratores nostros & utriusque nostrum firmiter per presentes, Sigillis nostris Sigillat.Dat.Decimo quarto die Septembris Anno Regni Domini Nostri Georgij Dei Gratia Magnae Britanniae Franciae & Hyberniae Regis Fidei Defensoris &c. Decimo Annoque Dom.1723

The condition of this obligation is such that the above bounden Walter Graham & David Graham doth hereby for themselves their heirs & assigns and every of them promise to the sd.Margret Reed & John Reed to give and allow to George Graham & Mary Reed one third part of his Estate at Riggfoot, together with the houses and outhouses which Edward Hetherton now enjoys in farm to be occupied possessed and enjoyed, by the sd. George Graham & Mary Reed their heirs & assigns for ever without any lett trouble or molestation from them the sd. Walter Graham & David Graham their heirs or assigns from the day or date of their Marriage & thenceforward for ever. And the sd. Walter Graham & David Graham doth hereby promise & oblige themselves neither to lett, nor to farm lett, mortgage or sell any part of parcel of the sd.Messuage or tenement at Riggfoot aforesd. that may be or tend to be to the loss, prejudice or disadvantage of the sd.George Graham & Mary Reed their heirs or assigns. And the sd. Walter Graham & David Graham do further oblige themselves to the sd. Margret Reed & John Reed that if the sd.George Graham do die without heirs lawfully begotten of the body of the sd.Mary Reed, then the sd.Walter Graham & David Graham is to allow the sd.Mary Reed quietly & peaceably to occupy possess & enjoy the third part of his or their Estate aforementioned during the time of her Chaste widowhood as may be seen more at large in an Article of agreement made bearing day & date with the Obligation above written Recourse being thereunto had. And for the more sure & certain performance of this & of all the Covenants Grants Conditions & Agreements specified in an Article bearing date herewith the sd. Walter Graham & David Graham doth hereby bind themselves & their heirs & assigns to the above named Margret Reed & John Reed their heirs & assigns to be just and faithfull in the performance of all the Conditions abovementioned.

In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and Seals the day and year above written

Signd, Seald & Deliver’d Walter Graham mark & seal

in the presence of us John Carruthers [mark]

David Graham

Richard Carruthers

Rich’d Wilkinson