Newby Holme 1751

This indenture made the sixth day of April in the twenty fourth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and soforth and in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty One between John Towns of Rickersgate without the city of Carlisle in the Parish of Saint Marys and in the County of Cumberland, Innholder of the one part and John Hope of Denton-Mile in the said Parish and County aforesaid Millner of the other part witnesseth that the said John Towns for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty Eight Pounds of Lawfull Money of Great Brittain to him in hand paid by the said John Hope the Receipt whereof the said John Towns doth hereby acknowledge and himself to be therewith fully satisfied contented and paid and thereof and therefrom and of and from every part thereof doth acquitt exonerate and discharge the said John Hope his Heirs Executors and Administrators and Every of them for ever by these presents and for other good causes and considerations him the said John Towns thereunto moving, Hath granted bargained sold aliened and surrendered and by these presents (by and with the licence and consent of the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Carlisle Lord of the Barony of Guilsland) doth grant bargain sell aliene and surrender unto the said John Hope his Heirs and Assigns all that his the said John Towns Lands and Grounds scituate lying and being in Newby Holme within and parcell of the Mannor of Hayton and holden of the said Earl according to the custom of the said Mannor under and by payment of the antient yearly customary rent of two shillings together with all and singular the houses, edifices buildings barns byres stables outhouses tofts crofts curtiledges lands pastures meadows commons common of pastures and turbary hedges ditches fences ways waters water courses easements advantages profitts commodities hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever unto the above granted and surrendered premisses belonging or in any wise appertaining of therewith heretofore occupied or enjoyed as part parcell or member thereof and the revertion and revertions remainder and remainders rents issues and profitts thereof and all the Estate right title interest property claim and demand whatsoever of in to or out of the same and all deeds surrenders admittances and other evidences and writings touching or anywise concerning the same, to have and to hold the said lands and grounds and all and singular the premisses hereby granted and surrendered or meant or mentioned so to be with all their rights members and appurtenances unto the said John Hope his Heirs and Assigns to the only proper use and behoofe of him the said John Hope his Heirs and Assigns forever according to the custom of the said Mannor yeilding and paying unto the Lord of the said Mannor for the Time being the yearly rent abovesaid at the days and times accustomed for payment thereof and paying doing and performing all other dues duties fynes suits and services whatsoever due or to grow due for or in respect of the said premisses and the said John Towns for himself his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns and for every of them doth covenant promise and grant to and with the said John Hope his Heirs and Assigns by these presents that he the said John Towns now has good right full power & lawfull and absolute authority to grant and surrender the said premisses and every part thereof with the appurtenances to him the said John Hope in manner and form as aforesaid and that he hath not heretofore done committed, omitted or suffered to be done any act matter or thing whatsoever whereby or by reason or means whereof the above granted premisses or any part or parcel thereof are is may or can be any ways impeached charged or incumbered in title charge or otherwise howsoever and that from henceforth for ever hereafter he the said John Hope his Heirs and Assigns shall and may peaceably and quietly have hold occupy possess and enjoy all and singular the said hereby granted and surrendered premisses with all and singular their appurtenances and have take and receive the rents issues and profitts thereof without any manner of lett suite trouble molestation hinderance or interruption whatsoever of him the said John Towns his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns or of any other person or persons whatsoever claiming or claim by from or under him them or any of them and the premisses with the appurtenances are and for ever hereafter shall remain continue and be free and clear and freely and clearly acquitted exonerated and discharged of and from all former grants bargains sales surrenders joyntures dowers mortgages titles charges and incumbrances whatsoever has made committed done or suffered by hime the said John Towns or by any other person or persons with his privity assent consent or procurement the yearly customary rent above mentioned and the fines hereafter to grow due only excepted In witness whereof the said John Towns to those presents hath sett his hand and seal the day and year first above written

John Towns his mark and seal

Received the day and year within written the within named John Hope the sum of twenty eight pounds in full for the consideration within mentioned.

Witness (signed) John Milbourn John Towns his mark

(signed) J.Richardson



On behalf of the Rt.Honourable John Lord Berkely of Stratton and the Right Hon. Robert Ord Esq. Lord chief Baron of Scotland now lords of the Barony of Guilsland In trust for the Rt.Honourable Frederick Earl of Carlisle an infant I do allow of the Deed within written so as nothing therein contained can be construed or taken to bar or hinder the said Frederick Earl of Carlisle his Heirs Executors or Administrators from demanding or receiving the General Fine which accrued for the within granted premisses by the Death of Henry late Earl of Carlisle Father of the said Earl Frederick which remains yet unpaid. And so as neither this deed or licence do any ways prejudice the said Lords or any of them their or any of their Heirs or Assigns in the payment of any other Fines dues duties or services as witness my hand the 24th day of November 1761

(signed) J.Cleaver


Sealed and delivered being first duely stampt in ye presence of

(signed) John Milbourn

(signed) J.Richardson

6 April 1751