Summons 1808

2nd August 1808

George the Third by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland King Defender of the Faith…….To George Irwin John Doe and Richard Croe Greeting we command you and every of you that all other things set aside and ceasing every excuse you and every of you be and appear in your proper Persons before Justices Assigned to hold the Assizes in and for the County of Cumberland at Carlisle in the said County on Friday the nineteenth day of August by nine of the Clock in the forenoon………to testify the Truth according to your knowledge in a certain Action now in our Court before us………….depending between John Earl………Plaintiff and Thomas Harding and William Harding………Defendants, of a plea of Trespass on the Case on Defendants part And at the aforesaid day by a Jury of the Country between the parties aforesaid of the Plea aforesaid to be tried and this you nor any of you shall in no wise omit under the Penalty of every of you of one hundred pounds

Witness Edward Lord Ellenborough at Westminster the 6th day of July in the 48th year of our reign